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  1. The formation of a smoking policy has been something we have struggled with--at my facility. We have a smoking policy and it allows for several breaks. However, the problem is that our staff that is covering the breaks are not in place when these breaks occur; this causes residents to become angry and they don't compile to the policy. Also some of our residents feel that 8-) it is their right to smoke as they are pleased. It would be nice to have the resident council, smokers and staff sit down together and put the policy together. We are encouraging staff to be in place so that our residents may compile. We spend a lot of time "chasing down" lighters, smokes. Good luck---I do worry that residents could get burned. When I see them smoking outside of break times--I encourage them to follow the policy on smoking and I will sit with them while they are smoking. I also encourage staff to be in place so that residents may enjoy smoking breaks. Karen
  2. I have done some interesting activities----but some that stand out were the Resident's Rights Rally, VETERAN'S PROGRAM with a local hospice group, Life Memories.....Our 8-) Family Night.
  3. We had our annual survey and the exit was done on my birthday---July 21st! It is going to be interesting to see how well our department does next year. The survey team were curious as to how Social Service and Activity Department work together mjeeting the needs of certain residents. They were looking at the space available for activities---WAS THERE ENOUGH LIGHT, etc. Impressed to see upper management assisting residents to activities. We got a tag---it seemed to appear after the meeting with Resident Council. This was on dignity----staff not waiting for resident's response before entering. The Resident Council can be our best friends------or our downfall. Continue to educate the CNAs-----this will be my future downfall----our CNAs have not grasped the importance of assisting residents to programs. Good luck---the facility got 4 tags......Activities none. Care Planning was a hot spot---I suspect that it will become an open sore that may hurt activity programs everywhere. Karen 8-)
  4. I think it depends upon the facility's culture. I have tried both----dressing in scrubs and as a professional. I went to scrubs because I got sick of my nice suits, skirts, shirts and slacks looking the worse for wear. I am now going to maybe wear khaki pants, nice colored polo shirts with a cute logo on them (I am creating one) and keep a blazer in the office for meetingsetc. Lately, I have been feeling that I need a "middle ground"---I want to be comfortable, but polished, trendy. So I will try this new look for a while. Wish me luck!------Karen
  5. Exercise classes/programs are hard to start with almost all populations. I was a former personal trainer, fitness instructor who worked with all age groups and it can be hard promoting fitness/wellness. I have done w/chair strolls, sit and be fit programs, used scraves, wands, balls and parachutes to enhance senior classes. I have used music, sensory sounds as backgrounds for these classes. I like classes that are also based on proper breathing/relaxation. Feel out your class; it's okay to start with a few! The best classes I ever had started out slowly, as word got around about the fun things I was doing and how great they were feeling.....students came. Good luck!
  6. Hi, I am Karen Henry, a relative new Activity Director (2.5 years). I work in longterm care and boy this is the most rewarding work I have done. I was an elemantary PE/Health teacher, wellness consultant before I became an A.D. I enjoy the work; I am never bored and the wisdom that I get from the seniors around me is wonderful. I try to remain positive, never allowing the stuff around me to take away my joy. I am very excited about this site!
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