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  1. When dealing with aphasic patients it is important to review their psychosocial history as well as talk to family members to get a general idea of who the patient is an individual. Then you will be better able to provide them with things that are more probable to initiate a response. Remember never to assume that a patient is not aware of their external surroundings based on their cognitive decline. One more point to consider is that the hearing is said to be the last sensory function to die.
  2. hi my name is Deborah Brown and I live in the panhandle of florida.I am new to this field and open to learning from every angle. I am a nurse by first profession and kind of happened into this position. I was in desperate need of eight hour week days with week-ends off when our Activity Director moved. I volunteered to fill in until one could be hired. Well long story short I was offered the position permanently and am now in the process of getting certified.
  3. can you tell me where to order a book specific for careplans regarding activities and also a MDS book
  4. Hi Gina, unlike you the activity field is new to me. I've being doing this for about a year now. In dealing with alzheimers especially the later pahse when they are totally dependent on others for care, I find that incuding them in group discussion and other low physical activity functions seems to stimulate them more mentally than one on one visits. Even those residents that are aphasic and geri-chair dependent seems be more attentive in groups that is if you include them in the activity. I find that calling there names and touching them at the same time is especially of good benefit during d
  5. HI, along with the numerous suggestions already mentioned, I find that a local newsletter covering a variety of subjects is of great interest to the residents. They enjoy hearing about things that are common to them. When the hear the name of a person from their community they are qyuick to 'chirp' in an extra comment or two. You can probably find some at the Chamber of Commerce in your area. Also I incorporate volunteers to come and sit for Social Hour where the conversations have no specific topic and we drift from subject to subject. Most volunteers are retired and are of a generation close
  6. Hi ,this is my first succesful log in as well. I hope navigating to specified areas get simplier along the way. Look forward to an exciting 16 weeks.
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