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  1. Greetings, Well it has been 11 days and counting and I still have a lot of questions. 1.Like how do I print a blank new activity Assessment- not the mds 2. Knowing when a CAA is needed when SS has not completed their portion of the assessment. 3. the RAP = CAA questions are very much different than the RAPS done in 2.0 . Any input at this point would be helpful. Brain fried on MDS3.0
  2. QA definetly a concern. I not sure if my reports are correct. My DON says they are and I only report on one line of the QA. "Little or no activity" wow one line. what else am I suppose to have on this thing? Anyone?
  3. Greetings All, Myself and the social worker at our facility watched a Webinar on MDS3.0 for Activity staff and social workers. It is located at www.re-creativerescourses.com It was a CEU course worth 3 or 4 ceus. It cost $40.00 for one person to do and was worth it. I recommend you go to this site. She provides downloads of the notes and slides she presents and opens the floor to questions. I would also suggest that if you are not the social worker working as an activity staff person that you form a relationship with the social worker at your facility. Because what he or she checks in cognition and other areas may effect your section F. I found this webinar very useful since the facility i currently work for is focusing on the nurisng stuff, I found I needed to look for more specific training myself. Good luck all, speedy.37
  4. :rolleyes:Greetings everyone, I am a Life Enrichment Director( a fancy name for Activity Director) have been for over 15 years. I enjoy what I do because every day is a different day, and I am always learning something new. Anyways I am looking for ward to sharing with all of you.
  5. Take the time to observe him. See if anything sparks an interest or response. Get a better history about him from his wife. What was he like before the dementia? Occupation? Hobbies? Then see what you can do with that information.
  6. Hey All! Newbie also, Have been in the activity business for many years 15 + I too started right out of high school working part time in activities. I am a certified Nccap. I enjoy very much what I do. Reside in Northern Ohio and am happy to see signs of spring!! I am looking forward to sharing ideas and concerns about our profession and the needs and rights of our residents. Squeaky02
  7. I have worked in other facilities that have done this and have found that act. staff who are trained as STNA's get pulled to the floor and out of act. more to cover as aides. It makes it hard to justify proper documentation in act. programs.
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