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  1. Hello, I am not sure either how many you are supposed to have. I know when we go on outings we always bring a CNA with us. I usually have around 9-12 Residents and it is me and my assistant with a CNA. I need to find this out too. Would be very helpful information. Good question. Anyone have an answer.
  2. Hi all, We have pet therapy that is part of our activity schedule. We have a gentleman come in with two dogs and he goes to every room and visits with the Residents. He takes pictures with them and sends them cards at all holidays. The residents do love it when they come in. We also have 3 cats that come and visit. The woman in the office goes out to feed and water them. The residents can go out and see them. They are around all the time. It is great to see their face light up when they see an animal or a child come in.
  3. Hi, I find that most places have a problem with getting the staff involved. I know that food always works where I am. I also take the Residents out to eat once a month at a local resteraunt and I need a CNA to come along. If they are involved with helping activities out then I will ask them to go and help out at the resteraunt and pay for their lunch. It is a great incentive because they can leave the facility and get a free lunch. I notice that I am getting asked by more CNA's now of how they can help and who I need for each activity. Free lunch and getting out of work is great. Check with the Administrator but mine loved the idea and has seen how much it helps the Residents.
  4. Hello there, I use S & S worldwide catalogs. I find that their prices aren't that bad and the quality is good. Read the measurements and weight though. You don't want to get it to small it is very baby like. Get the bigger set. It is also easier for the Residents.
  5. Hi Andrea, I am also new to this. I know we do a coffee social and we do Front porch trivia. We get a group of 4-8 people and go outside. Weather permitting of course and I ask them question about a place and they try to guess where I am talking about. Say I pick India one week I will type up a bunch of clues and ask them questions about the Country. It takes a little while but it gets them thinking and I would like to start making food to go with the Country. Like if I pick France I could make crepes and serve them a snack with the Trivia. Just an idea.
  6. Hello my name is Eileen and I am from Webster, MA. Is there anyone else from MA? I am new to the forum. I have been an AD for only a few months. It is a smaller facility with 81 beds. I look forward to getting new ideas.
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