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  1. Hi! My name is Andrea, I worked as assistant to the acitvity director in a 120 bed nursing home for almost 2yrs, in March was offered an Activity Director job at a 46 bed assisted living facility which is where I am now. Residents are much more independent, mostly psychiatric. Also, I have no other staff in the department, just me. Thanks!
  2. How many Bed Facility are you? 46 Do you currently have any unfilled/open beds? 3 How many hours per week does your activity staff work (total)? 40-45 How long does the last activity staff stay? 5pm (me) What are your hours scheduled for weekends? Only on occasions (me) Is your Activity Director full-time or how many hours worked (not included in above)? Just me, 40-45 hrs a week Wish I could do more!!
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