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  1. You can try aromatherapy which is a great evening activity - or an armchair cruise from www.geriactivesllc.com which offers residents a "trip" from the comfort of their chair. The activity book with puzzles and games can be used at this time or for other activity periods.
  2. Lower congnitive residents are always a challenge! You can try ArmChair Cruises or Photo-ops from www.geriactivesllc.com. The base activity such as watching a DVD or having a photo taken with a famous person is prefect for lower functioning residents. The great thing about these activities is that the activity book also includes other items such as puzzles and games that match the theme of the activity so that you can use again for higher functioning residents. Use code NETWORK and save 10% on your first purchase! Best of Luck!
  3. Check out www.geriactivesllc.com - they have some great activites that are geared towards men Lawmen and outlaws - great activity which includes cowboy hats, bandanas posters to place them mens pictures was "wanted" or"sheriff". There are also great games in the activity book that comes with it. Working on the railroad - has conductor hats, a working train and great puzzles and games in the activity book that are centered around trains and the railroad. Carpenter's Club - has painters hats and birdhouses that they can build and paint. Good luck!
  4. That's a tough one! Can you try play money that they can then save up to purchase prizes? Another idea is to change out some of the activites - try dirty bingo or at the auction for www.nursinghomeactivites.com Good luck
  5. One of our clients suggested that I pop into your message boards to introduce our company. www.GeriActivesllc.com offers a large selection of activities created specifically for seniors in long term care. Check us out! Use Promo Code NETWORK to save 10% on your first activity purchase. I am excited to announce that we just launched a new website built to support our newest program AutoPlay. Due to the popularity of our activities and the repeat business of our customers we created a program that automatically ships our newest activity either monthly, bi monthly or quarterly. AutoPlay members also receive a 10% discount on all games and activities. Cheers! Sonyia Grabski Business Relations GeriActives LLC
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