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  1. HI! I recently got the task of doing a program called tender heart. it is a program in the late afternoon for all the lower cognitive residents who sit around all day. and i am in need of some new things to do. they dont like to do much other than to look out the window and listen to cds. i need something that will get them excited! any ideas?
  2. evening activities! i myself work evenings. and sometimes i agree it is a struggle. but what i found is the residents love to sing. they never get tired of singing. so we rotate through song sheets that we have. what i found is that they like big band songs. but it is up to you to make a cd and song sheets for them. also they love musicals. so we have musical monday night. we pick out a musical and sing songs from it. then we have a little disscussion about it. and of course a snack. it is alot of work for the one making cds and song sheets but it is worth all the effort. if at first it is too much just do it every other week to start off. and ask the residents what would you like to do for an evening activity? that may bring something to mind you could do. when in doubt ask the residents they love to tell you there thoughts! good luck!
  3. what about a afternoon stretch? you could do a simple activity. gather them in a circle and just get them to stretch alittle. and maybe throw in some trivia.
  4. at our facility afternoon programs are usually a craft, game, singalong, holiday something, monthly birthday party, etc. the afternoon programs are when the bigger things happen. though sometimes you really have to be creative, for something new. so maybe one of those ideas will help you! good luck!
  5. well that does sound like great idea but getting to know you seems to sound better. so some ideas about that, how about favorite color, food, memory things they like to do what did they do for a job how much schooling did they get how many siblings do they have i did a activity like this when i first started working at my facility. i called it, getting to know more about you and me. i put all these questions on a big beach ball. and we sat in a circle. i would toss the ball to a resident and what ever question there hand was touching they had to answer. then they got to ask me any question they wanted. it worked really well. it keep them reminicising and exercising and having fun all at once! good luck!
  6. something that we do at our facility for those higher functioning residents, is take them to our library and let them get some books to read. or you could have them help you cut stuff out for a project you are doing that month. they could cut out quilting squares for a local quilting club. or if they is a big group of them you could do a game of jeopardy or famous faces. they seem to work well. good luck, hope my ideas helped!
  7. bingo prizes bingo prizes. well kevin, im still not sure what the fascination with bingo is but the residents love it. at our facility we give out fun size candy bars mostly. but sometimes we will give out a craft that we made earlier in the month or a volunteer will bring in jewerly they made so we give that out. but the biggest challenge is the change to something new. what i suggest is just explaining it to them. most residents will understand and some will complain. but just say this is what we are changing bingo prizes to and this way it will be more fun you wont know what your prize will be. who knows they may like it better they may not. trial and error will tell. but good luck!
  8. well first dont give up! we also struggle at our facility to get help as well. but you just have to keep telling them that we are a team here. we are all a team for the residents. and we all need to work as a team to do what is in their best interest. they have the right to go to activities by law regardless of there health what their aide says they still have the right to decide what they want to do and when. most cnas are stubborn. but sometimes when reminded that we are all a team and by helping take residents to activities and allowing them to go to activites will inturn let the cna get ahead on there list of residents and possibly get a break. i know its difficult but never give up!
  9. Hi! something that I do with some of the lower cognitive residents is a nail salon. i fill a cart with all different nail polishes and little nail design stickers, and then go room to room. Then it is really easy to sit and chat and they love to get their nails done.
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