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  1. At the Adult Daycare facilty I intern at, we sometimes take our members for a walk. Just a couple of blocks nothing too long. There are some stores that we can walk to, but sometimes we have no destination and the members just love to take a walk!
  2. I intern at an Adult Daycare facility and we have some members that have had a stroke and have lost their ability to speak or have become paralyzed and are forced to be in a wheel chair in addition to not speaking. One activity that seems to always stimulate these members in some way (a wave of a hand, bobbing their head, tapping their foot, etc.) is listening to music...either on the radio, or playing cds, or live musicians who come to perform at the facility. Hope this helps!
  3. We have an activity we call Beauty Corner and it's where the female members at the facility get their nails done and hair done by some female staff and volunteers. We also have music playing and have different discussions as if we were in a beauty salon!
  4. Hey! We just had our Senior Olympics on Friday and some of the games we played were: Ball Toss where we had four teams of equal members and each had a team leader. Each team had to pass the ball to the end of the line nad back. Who ever did that the fastest won! We also had arm wrestling and basketball. They loved it all!!! We did all this with about 24 members. We also presented them with gold medals that we put on ribbons that we put around their neck...like the real olympics!
  5. Hey! A great way to get your volunteers involved and gain a better understanding of the facility and its members is to allow them to sit-in and be involved in the behind the scenes of the facility like... sitting-in on morning or end of the day staff meetings. This gives them a better background of some of the members/residents as well as more insight into what it takes to run the faicilty and plan activities. This will help to give your volunteers a better appreciation of their role to the facility and the facility as a whole. Good luck
  6. I intern at an Adult Daycare facility...we also have lunch at noon and it lasts for a hour and then right at 1pm we begin a new activity. As a suggestion, maybe beginning an activity right after lunch instead of a nap can help to keep them engaged. Whether we have a less involved activity such as a musician playing for an hour or a more involved activity such as our Senior Olympics we just had...members are still engaged immediatly after lunch. Therefore, a nap may not always be needed after lunch.
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