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  1. Seedling flowers are always a fun activity to watch them grow from cups, but it will probably take at least 6-8 weeks to bloom and you'll miss Earth Day.
  2. In my facility, there are 24 hr Nursing assignments (not Activity CNAs) for agitated, fall risk residents, which may include residents who would like to attend regular scheduled activities. What are the particular situations in your SNFs for these type of residents, do they fall under activities budget or nursing?Are nursing assignment CNAs able to attend with these types of residents scheduled activities?
  3. Do many of you have scheduled activities for both lower and higher functioning ability residents and adapt the activity for the lower functioning residents-for instance- painting with brushes for higher functioning and then placing brush in hand for lower functioning or even just letting lower functioning observe the other paintings up close by showing them personally?
  4. I work in Orlando and need to make sure I am documenting correctly for my 1:1 sessions, can you give me a quote? or can i email you questions?
  5. What is your name? JJ Speights What is your occupation? Full-time musician, LTC volunteer, •What are you listening to right now? Nothing • What was the last thing you ate? Orange •Do you wish on stars? Look at.. not wish on... •If you were a crayon, what color would you be? Blue •How is the weather right now? Muggy and Hot •Last person you spoke to on the phone? My friend Eddie •How old are you today? 39 and holding... •Favorite drink? Non-alcohol: Water/Gingerale Alcohol: Grand Manier •Favorite sport(s) to watch? Football •Have you ever dyed your hair? Highlighted... •Do you wear contacts or glasses? No •Pets? 2 cats •Favorite month? October •Favorite food? Ice Cream •What was the last movie you watched? Kung Fu Panda! •Favorite day of the year? my son's Birthday •Fall or Spring? Fall •When was the last time you cried? Last week •What did you do last night? Went to see movie, packed my house up.. •What inspires you? Music and willingness to try •What are you afraid of? Losing my son •Favorite car? Mustang GT Black •Favorite dog breed? Cocker •How many years at your current job? Self-employed 10 years •How many states have you lived in? 3 – Georgia, New York, and now Florida •How many cities/towns have you lived in? Too many to name!!!
  6. Dawn, When are you moving? My AD is retiring at the end of the year from a Ft. Lauderdale Rehab and Nursing Center. You may be a match if you are able to wait. Write me back for details.
  7. Hello, If anyone knows of jobs available in the Orlando/Deltona area of Florida through a corporation or company I would appreciate any leads or other resources to help me find work. I am relocating from South Florida to be near my 4 year old son. Thank you all very much. JJ Speights
  8. Thanks for the info- I checked out your website - you are very talented and are a blessing for the elderly! I hope to have a stable career ahead, I am a full-time musician changing directions as I turn 40! Thanks Again.... JJ Speights
  9. Hello Everyone, Can anyone give me any demographic information on the amount of men as Activity Directors? Maybe a few male AD's are members on the board who could give me some advice and/or thoughts on their experiences? Any thoughts from women are also OK Thanks Everyone!
  10. jjspeights


    I used the Wii three weeks ago and it was very well recieved. The residents were excited and played enthusiastically. It gave them a chance to vent as well as have fun. They really enjoyed the boxing and fishing. Certain games only require the movement of the hand. Others a push of a button and movement of the hand and arm. It comes with several sports games.
  11. Danielle, I live in Boynton too, part-time! Listen, I may have a lead for you for a job opening up by the end of the year in South Florida. Reply back if you are interested with credentials, brief experience and anything else! The best way is too search this site at this board for jobs. Try www.jobing.com for specific South Florida work.
  12. I'm sorry you have a bad entertainer. A good way to let someone still feel appreciated might be to ask them to volunteer in a different capacity, like helping with music appreciation or aerobics - where you can decide on the music - and also have them feel good about helping. If thier ego is involved, then there is nothing you can do but say thank you but we don't need your services at this time.
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