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  1. My low level residents still love bingo, sing-a-longs to music from their era, getting in a circle and throwing a beachball (my men like this), cutting.......I have a woman who speaks polish and 2 slovak, I play polka tapes in their language and the LOVE it. (got them from e-bay) They ALL love to finish phrases that they all remember, "like father like ___ easy come,easy __ the pot calling the kettle ____ a stitch in time saves ____ etc. those phrases are my stand by for when I cant get anyone to do anything else ! Any simple craft that uses glue and glitter they love. I do the glue and they sprinkle the glitter and are amazed at the results. decorating clay pots with tissue paper and glue.
  2. HI ! anyone ever do poker and blackjack? I need to know how to do betting and how to pay off without the "house" making money in blackjack. Our gentlemen are excited about having a poker night.
  3. Hi ! I"M new to this board. For fathers day we are having poker night but I have no idea how to go about the betting !!! And for blackjack. Anyone have advice ?
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