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    Hi Karen. I use a lot of the same resources that have been listed. But I also look through the newspaper in entertainment sections and the what's happening now sections. and there are some small local papers call the Advertiser and the Merchandiser in lots of towns across the U.S. They tell about what's going on in those small towns. I also go to Christian book stores and they have booklets of what's going on in the area for the next several months too. I have gotten so many names of organizations or ideas through these resources. And I like to use local historical organizations. They ha
  2. Hi Gwendolyn. First, I would recommend going to a book store like Borders or Barnes and Noble and purchasing a book on resumes. The styles that are preferred change quite often. Find out what it preferred right now. Make sure you read the rules of a resume in the book and look on the internet for tips of writing a great resume. You need to put yourself ahead of everyone else in the pack. What will set you apart from the rest of the people? What gifts can you bring to the job that will help you stand out? Look for verbs to help you describe what you have done. You can look u
  3. Hi Kelly, I really don't think your assistant is going to change. I went throught that same thing and my assistant would not change. In her head she knew best and there was nothing I could do to change that. And what made it worse is that she would go around saying that if she were boss she would be doing things differently. When someone is like that they are not a team player. You can not have someone on your team who is not a team player. She will undermine you every chance she can get. And she will have an excuse or something to say about it every time. I guarantee it. They are not
  4. Good afternoon! That's always the issue, isn't it? Coming up with ideas on a shoestring budget! It really forces us to become even more creative! The 1980's? Wow, that brings back memories! That's when Madona's voice sounded like she was on hellium If you have access to a color computer maybe you could duplicate one side of a rubiks cube by making colored squares on the paper. Then you could print them out and paste them on boxes and make them look like a rubiks cube. Jelly bracelets were big then. Oriental Trading probably has them for almost nothing. You tie a buch of them together as ga
  5. Good evening. I know it can be very frustrating if you feel that an employee is sitting around with nothing to do. You might, however, have a golden opportunity right under your nose. Where are the bottlenecks in your actiivty program? I mean, what are the things that slow you down or prevent you from having a fabulous activiy program as opposed to good program? Could your evening person help to open the bottlenecks? Can she go around during that time and sign people up for a trip? It will save time for day employees. Can your employee call entertainers for you? Or perhaps do research on t
  6. Hi Gwendolyn. I have been in Activities (Therapeutic Recreation) for thirteen years and a Supervisor for the last two years. Please feel free to contact me (Elaine) at ecampbell@willowvalley.org I'm taking MEPAP II and had to do this last semester. It would be my pleasure to help you. Elaine
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