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  1. Hi, we have one that hold 12 months; 6 months on front and 6 months on the back as well as putting on independent activities on the bottom. Which is really nice, because you dont have to have mulitple sheets for one residents. THis form was created a number of years ago, and it's really user friendly, we use numbers for activities, and have a master sheet of what numbers go to each activity. If you are interested in seeing it let me know. chapaj@exempla.org and make sure you write in the subject line. Jam296tigger Does anyone have an 8 1/2x 11 sized balnk calendar template t
  2. I think this is a fabulous idea. Let me know how it turns out! Have fun and be creative! Jamie
  3. I do have to say... that this is jumping for me too. It's a little mind boggling! Jamie...
  4. We currently have had an opprotunity to add another staff member to our activity dept. to help provide evening activities whether small group activities or indepedent activities... From sensory stim, to eating dinner together, and what about using the evening staff to help provide some of these fun activities. I am sure that one person could free themselves up and help for about a half hour. We are and Eden home and this helps with making a home for our residents and thats what we are here for. You will have to do some research and ask the residents what they would like to do between those hou
  5. Hi there, Evening and weekend activities are just as important as any other day. This may also help with friendship building between residents and staff... What a great opportunity for this to happen! I know it's hard to get out of your comfort zone as we all know. But it also allows us to grow in our own way. Have you tried suggestions or what each activity assistant can offer to the evening or how about maybe the nursing staff, stepping out of their box and providing acitivities with the residents in the evening. We know how hard this can be!!!!!! At the home i work for, this has been a st
  6. I have been in the activity field for about 15 years... I learned hands on and went through basis activity professional class many years ago and the advanced training in the last 5 years. I am currently ADC... Over the years many things have changed at least here at my work/home. We are an Eden home and focus on resident center care. Letting the residents make daily choices of what they would like to do for the day. We have been in Culture Change since 2003 and continue to strive to make it the best we can. Our roles as Activity Directors have changed as well and will continue to change as the
  7. Here is what we do at our Home.... We put up a giving tree usually around the time of thanksgiving... Post a flyer or several letting our staff, families and volunteers know... that it is time to choose a name from the tree and to purchase a gift for them. It's pretty amazing idea... That way we don't have to focus all our time purchasing gifts... We do have a few gifts that we purchase due to new residents who may move in closer to the holiday. We have a big party for residents and their families with music and refreshments... During this party a few people who have volunteer will see that ea
  8. jam296tigger


    Hi we currently got a Wii as well. Our residents are still getting the hang of it. I think its a great thing to have around especially now that they can play with grandkids and great grandkids. I am sure the children can show them a thing or two more than i can. As i am a beginner to . We have ours on a mobile cart so they can take it any where in the home.
  9. Hi there, We normally have kept we the NNHW theme for the last few years. In the past we have done several different things. You could always ask the residents what they would like to do and if they would like to make their own theme. Our Home, all our interdisiplenary teams helps plan and provide activies for our residents. Good Luck Jam296tigger
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