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  1. Good Afternoon! My name is Christopher Williams and live in the St. Petersburg, Florida area. I am currently NCCAP certified as an Activities Director, and want to add more to my knowledge base/credentials as is possible. I recently submitted my application to begin the process of becoming an ACC, but still am inquisitive about: -What are the responsibilties of an Activities Consultant? -What is the median salary range of this position? -Are Activity Consultant positions regularly available? PLEASE reply if you can answer any of these questions for me Thanks a Million!
  2. Hello everyone, my name is Christopher Williams. I am 27 years old and currently seeking AD employment opportunities in Pinellas County, Florida! Here is a brief summary of my Activity Director experience and qualifications: -500 + hours of RT practicum work at the Malcom Randall VA hospital in Gainesville, Fl -Activity Assistant for 3+ years (18 months at 120 bed facility, 12 months at an 80 bed facility). -Activity Assistant with personal AD training for over a year -Bachelor's Degree in Health Science from the University of Florida. -Associate's Degree in Education from the University of Florida -Successful completion of MEPAP I and II courses/internship -National AD certification through the National Certification Council For Activity Professionals (NCCAP) Certfication #: ADC290106 A quick note: As mentioned when introducing myself on this site, I PERSONALLY experienced over a year of rehabilitation after a car accident in October 1999: -Comatose for 20+ days at Bayfront Hospital -An inpatient at HealthSouth Rehab. for a month -An outpatient 5 days a week for 3 hrs./day (PT, OT, Speech) This car accident and the rehabiliation involved in my recovery is mentioned to give any reader the firm understanding of my personal interest and love for patient rehabilitaiton through recreation/activities. If anyone is interested in contacting me, please feel free to reply asap at any convenient opportunity for you. Thank you for time, Christopher Williams cwill21@tampabay.rr.com
  3. HELLO EVERYONe <!!!!! My name is Chris Williams. I regstered/completed the MEPAP classes through this site over a year ago, but for some reason am JUST NOW introducing myself. My experience in rehabilitation stems all the way back to Oct. '99 when I was in a horrific car accident. I was in a coma for 20+ days, was an inpatient at a rehab for a month, and was an outpatient 5 days/week in PT, OT, and Speech for almost a year. When I started college the next year at the University of Florida in the Fall of 2000, I chose a Health Science major named Rehabilitation Services with a minor in Education. The rehab. service I became most involved in is Recreational Therapy. After graduation, I sought to achieve certification in RT, but due to a huge lack of job opportunity for that in Florida, I registered/completed the MEPAP classes to be an Activity Director. Just recently, I applied and was granted certification in to the National Certification Council for Activity Professionals Certification #: ADC290106. My activity employment experience includes: -500+ hours of RT practicum work at the Malcom Randall VA Hospital in Gainesville -18 + months of full-time Activity Assistant employment -One year of AA employment with AD training I love all the therapuetic benefits of activities a little more each and every day! It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to introduce myself and lay out a synopsis of my Activity Experience and/or educational qualifications. For any AD employment opportunities in the Pinellas County Area, please contact me at your convenience. Thank you everyone on this site and hope to hear from you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Hello Miguel, my name is Chris. I'm always looking for a better act. participation page layout, and I would love a copy of the one you explained in your posting. I read several replies about folks not being able to reach you on your email site, so if it makes it easier, my address is: cwill21@tampabay.rr.com. Hope to hear from ya soon and thank you again! Chris
  5. I thought the Valentines Day activity you listed was a perfect, and I was going to lead it for the higher-functioning residents in a week or so. Thank you for listing the idea!
  6. Hello everybody. My name is Chris and I live in Largo, Florida (its in the St. Pete area). I am currently enrolled in the first Activity Director Certification class and have been looking forward to joining this site for quite a while. I graduated from the University of Florida in the Spring of '05 with a Health Science Bachelor's degree in "Rehabilitative Services". The rehab. service I had planned on pursuing my entire school career was Occupational Therapy. After completing 3 semesters of a Practicum in Recreational Therapy, I changed my mind completely. I loved RT, interned 450 hours in the Practicum, and decided that was the field I wished to spend the rest of my life practicing. After college, I moved back home to St. Pete and half way through certification classes, found out RT was almost non-existant in Florida (medicare quit coverage). Although, I eventually was lucky enough to land a job in a nursing home as an Activities Asst. I have worked there 13 months and love every day of it. Almost 11 weeks ago, I started classes for Activity Director certification, and found out about this site. I look forward to interacting on this site as frequently as possible and getting to know others in the field!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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