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  1. vision and hearing separately or do you include it on your main one?
  2. I have a cute exercise video that works. If you hve alot of family visiting, use that for a theme. Maybe use football for mens group this time of year. Hot chocolate social
  3. I need some help with something to do my presentation on. Any suggestions would be helpful.
  4. Is she able to run a bingo game and be the caller perhaps? How about watering plants, reading to someone, leading a roasry group. Hope these help
  5. Is nursing addresses a persons vision and hearing impairments on their plan of care, do I need to make seperate care plans for activities that say the person is impaired? For example, if someone is sight impaired and likes to read, my care plan will have approaches like offer large print items to read, offer to read the newspaper etc. Thanks in advance
  6. There is a group of us that meets and we have speakers and exchange ideas. Always looking for new members. Scranton Wilkes Barre Area Send me a Private Message for more info...
  7. I have the psycho social section from the MDS on my form. I shortened the wording a little. Hope this helps.
  8. I am just geting flack at work for not doing enough. I do a small am group, a lunch group and a pm group. I also do cooking/bakign 2x a week. I chart who does what in their room and also those who don't want to come to a group. Most are short term like a week to 10 days. Problem is most people in this area LOVE bingo and that is the #1 thing they want to do when they come to out unit.
  9. There is a PA state organization and also many local PA organizations that meet on a regular basis. Send me a Private Message for more info... Anyone from PA have an organization to tell everyone about.. Let us know! Come on PA AD's .. Let's get together!
  10. We have a group in the Wilkes barre area and we have sprakers etc. Sometimes we get linkings for seminars The PA parks and recreation association have some.
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