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  1. Hello, Activity Dir for 5 years in PA. Three years ago I started an Irish Pub for the residents and staff. We serve Green beer and decorate the activities room as a bar. We play Irish drinking music and drinking games with NA beer, We do serve Regular beer also just not with the games. We cook wings, fries, soft pret, nachos and popcorn. I have raised enough money just with this one program to buy a 50 in plasma tv and a new Wii system this year.. Big Money maker.. Staff, Residents and families love it and look forward to it every year. They want it with different holiday's but I save it. The easter egg hunt always is a safe bet but a little redundent everyone does that every year. Try to set up a scavenger hunt through-out the facility with different stuff. You can still invite the little one's just make them up as teams. At the end you can give them hotdogs and chips for lunch. You can talk to Mcdonalds they allow for so many free kids meals each year so you can probably get enough to cover each kid. We have also dyed easter eggs for the whole facility to help dietary. we put them inany further help portion cups and had them placed on each residents tray. We had 5 wining eggs for staff if they found it while passing trays they won a free lunch on the activities dep. Good for escort help if you give them something.. Well thats my ideas hope they helped..... Craig.
  2. Hello, My name is Craig and I am the Director at a 187 bed LTC facility in Pa. I have made many forms from Initinal Recreation Assessment, Blank Progress Notes, Weekly & Monthly Calendars, News Letters, Resident Participation Records, Different Memo's for everything, So many different things I can't even list them all but I would be willing to share them. I have a great activity program not to bragg. I don't always have time to check in but I'm always willing to help out. Drop me an email and I'll see if I can help ya out. Full of Ideas.... Craig. csilberger@comcast.net
  3. Hello Phxville, I'm not sure of all the aspects of your job like residents, beds, and staff. To be honest with you no experience, 1 year of work, not being certified I wouldn't expect too much more then you’re making now. I mean right now you’re about what $33,000 -$35,000. In Pa that’s not bad for an Activities Director. I think they should be paid more because we are unappreciated in the nursing facilities. After Therapy we are all they have to keep them going. I'm sure I don't need to mention we hit every job too Nsg, Housekeeping, Dietary, Family members, I mean we are kind of all those. But the unfortunate thing we are look at by everyone else as the Bingo people. We know the truth Screw them all. So good luck with your raise talk I approve you getting more money. I'm a little higher then 35,000.000 but been here long time. Good luck Craig.
  4. Just thought I'd say hello. I've been working here for 10 years 4 of which in Rec Therapy. My old boss had a call off problem, she was off more then here. This makes me very happy Hence the new title. I pretty much ran the show for the past 3 years so I now can feel happy about running it. I am incharge of 3 full time activity leaders and 2 part time leaders. 190 bed facility LTC. Everyone so far is very please with the program. (Pats Back) lol Well thats enough about me I'll be around. Nice to meet you all. Craig.
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