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  1. what kind of gifts do you give your staff and residents for n.h week
  2. HI, I was thinking about doing a safari day does anyone have any ideas of act or food and how to have staff involved, also doing casino day, Hawaiian day and not sure what else to do
  3. Hi I was wondering if anyone has come up with any new assessment for the new mds and/ or ones with the notes added on them. Thank you
  4. Hi everone, i'm trying to come up with a good participation sheet or computer verion for my staff and the stna since i have the aids do the majority of the act. on the locked units. If anyone has any please send them to jcat8464@yahoo.com. it is hard to come upmwith the simple yet efficiant sheet especially for 170 R and with two locked units one a behavoir and one demetia and also a younger population (bariatric pgm) so many are independent and do thier own groups.
  5. Hi , I would like a copy of of your participation sheet. jcat8464@yahoo.com. thank you
  6. hi could you please send me the attachment form to jcat8464@yahoo.com thankyou, jennifer
  7. Thank you for your advice and help. Is anyone having a Mardi Gras party? If so can you give some ideas of game/act. to do during it. I'm having a parade and we'll have food but I'm tying not to focus on the food.Thank you.
  8. Hi, I"m working in a home that has 170 residents and the population runs from the age of 19 and up. I have a two locked units which consist of a alzheimers unit and a behavior unit and the rest are short and long term residents. I have a baritric program as well. I"m having a hard time coming up with party act .and entertainment to fit all. I have myself which you can imagine the paper work and meeting of a facilty that size and 2 girls that work 30 to 32 hrs and a girl that works 4 to 14 hrs and a girl who works 35 hrs. and we have 3 night time act. as well I'm having a hard time figuring how to fit all generation together and to make parties more fun and to find entertainment for all to enjoy. I also have to figure out how to adjust in the budget all the different foods since thier is more sugar free and regular in the budget. Any Help would be Great!!!
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