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  1. Hey Activity Pals, I use a form called an Activity Logs. This form my staff write down what they visit with the resident, What TV station they put on for the resident, & and so on. I let my staff & family know that this is a way for me & state know what the staff is doing with the resident and what the resident is doing. I have this form in every residents room. One for each resident. Each month I use this to help me chart what my residents are doing in their rooms and thru out the building. I hope this helps you out. I do not put these forms in the charts I have a folder I keep them in.
  2. 8-) I read the reply about the borders from teacher supply stores being to childish. One thing you need to ask is it the right thing for my residents. Her/his residents may be at the stage in their life were that works for them. It may also being about some memories for the residents. I have made my borders with the help of my residents. For September, I'm have my residents tell me things that remind them of their grandkids and using that for my borders. Grandparents day is September 10,2006. Keep up the good work and remember that we do this for the residents not our selfs. A great lady told me to remember this at all times.
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    What to wear

    8-) I work in a nursing & rehab center and I wear scrubs to work on the days I have to drive the van. It makes it to were I can get around better. The other days I wear Black scrub pants with a pink stripe down the side and a pink scrub shrit with a black stripe on it. The days I way meets I have to wear dress clothes. Always remember to have fun with your job. When we have special parties I dress up for that day in clothes to match the party theme.
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