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  1. Hello all..Does anyone have any QA'S they can share with me..The ones i have are very outdated...emt3225@yahoo.com...Thanks
  2. happyrec


    wow..i thought i had it bad...there are days i leave work and feel like never coming back.. i think activity directors are pushed around and are far from being treated with respect. i dont know what advice to give you, but just hang tough and you will eventually decide what is best for you...
  3. Hello all...Does anyone have any 1:1 visit forms that they can send me.. I'am using a form now that someone gave me about 3 years ago and it really isnt suitable to the residents i have at my facility.. I was told that the residents that dont come out of their rooms should have a 1:1 visit form.. If anyone could share with me something that they might have i would appreciate it..My email address is emt3225@yahoo.com..Thanks so much for your time.
  4. Hi ....Could you please send me a copy of this form...My email address is emt3225@yahoo.com ..Thank you soo much..
  5. Does anyone have any Annual Forms that maybe you could share with me...I appreciate whatever you have...Thanks
  6. Hello all......Can anyone please email at emt3225@yahoo.com a copy of what they use as a attendance sheet...I have try 4 different ones and nothing seems to work for me...I thank you all.....
  7. Can anyone tell me if we are still required to have a monthly activity attendance sheet...Thanks... :-D
  8. Here in New York you can be a Activity Director if you are a H.S graduate and has work 2yrs fulltime in a skilled N.H..
  9. happyrec

    Mds 2.0

    Hi all......I was told they are coming out with MDS 3.0.....The new MDS 3.0 will be having many changes in Recreation..I'm not looking forward to this happening... :-o
  10. Hello all...I'am the Activity Director in a 70 bed LTC Nursing Facility in New York..I was just wondering if anyone knew of a good Activity Care Plan book that might help me in doing my care plans..Also in need of a good Residents Activity particaption form.. Thank you for your help... :-D
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