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  1. Hello, call other facilities and find out who they have. Most entertainers work in a round of places each month. I look for ones who get the residents to sing and dance the norm is piano player, slide show presenter, pet performer visits, readers, magician , special events harpist, violist. Residents really love kids who sing from local schools. Singers, music players here in upstate ny get $50 readers $10-$25,slideshows,pets $25- $40 . special events no more then $75 some retired folks from the senior centers volunteer and we give a donation to them. Same with family members who may have a talent. Birthday music singers once a month to where the slideshows or piano players if you want once a week can be good. I usually only had each person 1 time a month. They can add up to once a week if you have a lot once a month. one a week is 4 cost a month. 2 performers a week is 8 costs a month It all depends on what your facility will put as priority . My admst. was very supportive with funds for entertainment separate from my activity budget. Best of luck
  2. Everyone has given great advice. Maybe you can incorporate the help of the clients who come in My groups love to help. The younger ones can help the less functional ones. Someone can call out bingo numbers or get out craft supplies. They even like to clean up.sweeping, picking up garbage,dusting. Men as well as women love to help, they need to feel important and useful. Also document client (resident) self directs (directed) their own activities . Chooses to read paper, clip coupons,sign cards for the sick etc... chooses to walk around room and view others doing activities. You can get 5-6 different groups going by having the clients do the leading with you starting them out. ones who were teachers love to do this. Then you can just go group to group writing the participation or reactions. We have a picture day when they bring in a few pictures to share with a round table activity. Some love to give coffee or tea to the other clients. Chooses to determine own activity for the day. Ask the client what goals they would like to do for the next month they come. Make calendars and have them label what they plan to do each day of the week also with self directed clients).We also have ---staff time out -- a 15 min break for the staff to do a activity with a client or group. They get a change of pace with their job and you get 15 min for paper work. Take to the admins. We also have a announcement for each staff member to bring a client to the room for those who are needing to bring into the rec. area. Hope this helps a little. Best of luck. Karen
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