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  1. My Administrator doesn't think that Xmas fundraisers are a good idea, but I do! She thinks that there is enough thinks that families are giving money out for that we don't need to do one. Any suggestion on how to convience her that fundraisers are for the good of the activity department and our facility?
  2. I also share the duties of bus driving. It states in my job decription that I would be doing this, but my concern is how to stay organized for those day's that I have to drive and be gone all day and come back to activities that are not getting done while I'm gone? Any suggestions on how to get caught up with activities without pushing the residents to much? Thanks Amber/AD
  3. What is the purpose of this vote..Does it matter how much education you need to have..I'm not saying I don't but, is it required for the resident's to know how much education you have..What happened to being there for the residents and not so much on how much education you are to have.I thought it was all about them anyways.
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