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  1. You guys have come up with some great ideas. I will be using themfor sure! Thanks a Bunch, Stacy
  2. :hammer: Transportation is in my job description, and I am taken out of the building quite often as of late. But being the source of transportation can be a good thing when your company is downsizing and cutting hours and positions left and right. When things were running a little smoother in the past my current director would make sure that someone else took the residents to dr.s appts. right now in addition to all the appts, I am taking one resident to and from Physical Therapy three days a week. So, I do sympathyze. Stacy
  3. We are having a fall festival at the end of the month and I was looking for some ideas for some games. Thanks, Stacy
  4. Thank you so much. stacy
  5. stacy274


    :hammer: My director wants a motorcycle club to visit the facility , maybe have the residents, assisted and independent , sit on or putter through the parking lot on a few bikes. She actually has a group of really nice men coming, but they are asking for a waiver for the residents to sign . My director has asked me to come up with one. I'm new to the AD field, and I haven't the slightest clue how to work a waiver up. Anyone out there with any suggestions??
  6. Thanks! that is awesome! I'm sure my director will go for that, she's really into staff participation!
  7. That was really cute! My son got a rel kick out of it (of course he's a star wars nut ) . Thanks for the humor, I really needed it! :-D
  8. I'm gathering that tis is more of an OT thing? I'm in a small facility, and we don't have an in staff OT. My asst. director has also been a little curious( as we are both new to our roles. we were both caregivers in the facility until just a few months ago) and she was wondering if I would be able to implement them, or find them at all helpful. I apprecitate you responding, everyone has been so helpful :-D
  9. Thanks , it really did help . You have yourself a great Memorial Day weekend! :-D
  10. I have a new Director with alot of ideas. She wants me to come with a program to be a part of our core training program for the new hires, and a shorter in-service. The only request she had in mind was that it include that our employees are responsible for activities, and getting the residents to an activity. ( She really is tired of seeing me do everything by myself, and wants participation from the caregivers.) I work in a facility that has an assisted living building, memory care, and a retirement community. Any ideas, or resources? I am very new to this position , and appreciate any suggestions. :hammer: Thank You, Stacy274
  11. I am new to the field of activity director, as I was promoted from within, and am not very knowledgable about a quite a few things. A director from another of our facilites ( who is also a kind of big wig) mentioned to me in passing the Allen Diagnostic Module and ACL'S. I've never heard of them and was wondering if anyone else had. Does anyone implement this tool, who can, must you be certified,and how would one go about getting the training if it is required? If anybody out there uses this tool, is it helpful, or is it a hindrance? I know these are alot of questions but I'm really curious, and very appreciative of any info. :-D Thanks, Stacy274
  12. Hello Everyone, My name is Stacy, I'm an Activity Director in the DFW area. I'm very new to this postion, and would welcome any advise, ideas, etc.Also, would anyone out there know of any AD courses in the DFW area. Thanks :-D
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