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  1. Hello all, The current community I've been working in is the only community I've actually ran Resident Council. We have the dining room supervisor from culinary present, the activity director and the residents. Its kind of a low key Resident Council. I was wondering if I could hear about any of your resident council meetings so I can see what changes I might need to make or add. Thank you ! Jessica
  2. We have an activity called This is your life. We take a couple hours and interview a resident about the events in their life and take notes. To make a presentation to show other residents we need pictures as well. I used the activity departments iPad and took pictures of her family photos. The resident is able to express their feelings and their pride really starts to show. I learned a lot from this resident asking her questions 1 on 1 and then I was able to share her life with the other residents. The resident's family was able to attend the presentation and they were really impressed. I feel closer to this resident doing this program with her.
  3. Hi everyone my name is Jessica. I currently am enrolled in MEPAP 1. I work as a Tappa currently, "Therapeutic Activities Assistant." I am certified as a nursing assistant and work in activities. I work in Montgomery county, Pennsylvania. My next goal is to be an Activities Director in the Assisted Living community. If anyone has any tips working as an AD in a assisted living setting feel free to share. I am all eyes and ears.
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