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  1. My goodness, just read this, this is so sad! She left a deep impression upon me as she taught the online classes . Always was supportive, constructive and full of expertise, I will dearly miss her!
  2. Hi Kathy Meehan, we meet on occasions in the chat room from MEPAP1. I am Nina Jacobs, live in Delray Beach Florida and work as " Enrichment Coordinator" in an ILF. I am looking actively for a different job as mine is a dead end and working for my corporation is not fun! I am working in this field for almost 11 years now - hard to believe! - time flies when you are having fun and raising a kid! I am looking forward of getting more information on all the other places one can work and I know once you move into assisted living and on there is a lot of paperwork to be done! Almost done with MEPAP
  3. Thank you for sharing, it has been on my mind recently to start this activity. I will look into spotify and was thinking about pandora as a possibility!
  4. I am working in ILF and we have about 120 residents, just myself and about 2-3 volunteers that run maybe one activity per week. I work 32 hours and it is running me ragged!
  5. Somebody at the MEPAP course suggested a nurf gun for games - that sounded fun to me. I have not done it myself but I am going to buy one soon and try it out at our next outside activity around the pool!
  6. I work in ILF and we have 120 residents give or take. It is just myself. I work 32 hours And I run around all day long from here to there....I do remind individual ones once in a while when they are new or I know they really wold benefit from an activity but they are hard to be motivated. Sometimes I get other residents to knock on their doors. I use the intercom, and flyers frequently but I also know that some just don;t read or listen and then feel left out. YOu need to have all staff to help and create exitement, which is difficult to achieve.
  7. HI, I as well am trying to get a men's group going. It is an uphill battle. I am engaging my manager as the leader of the group at this point , as he is male..... They will be going to a Sports Bar with a pool table this Wed. So far I had no takers but I will go from table to table at lunch at sign them up!
  8. Hi, my name is Nina Jacobs and I work as "Enrichment Coordinator" in an Independent Living Community. Pretty upscale. Same here with never a dull moment! I am in the beginning sages of getting finally certified as AD and maybe switch to assisted or skilled nursing. We do not have much paperwork that I need to fill out so all the care plans, and assessments, progress notes is completely new to me. I am lucky to have a fantastic advisor Pam Bailey who is a great support to me.!
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