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    What to wear

    I dress as the mood or occasion strikes, most days it's slacks and casual but pretty top, but some days I feel like being a girl and if I'm not going to be out doing the activites on the floor then i will wear a dress and low heeled shoes, We have casual dress Fridays so I can wear jeans or overalls and of course each month we have a theme day and dress accordorly. It may be Pajama Day and everyone wears their PJ's and our Administrator cooks breakfast for everyone. This month it's Western day and we will have a Chuck Wagon lunch, Cowboy Poetry and Wheelchair Rodeo. :-)
  2. Experience is important as it gives you confidence in yourself and the ability to make decisions based on past experience. I was an AA for 2 1/2 years before becoming the AD. We changed management companies at a time when my AD was ready to retire due to medical problems, I was very fortunate to have had an AD who believed in me and taught me everything she knew and encouraged me to develop my own programs. I have continued this with my AA and have found it a valuable tool. Good Luck!
  3. My trouble area is Sensory Stimulation for my 3 residents who have a DX of Semi-vegetative state from Closed Head Trauma. They range in age from 22 to 53. I have been using the same programs for several years and have run out of ideas and resources in my area are quite limite. We are located in South Central Oregon and do not have access to alot of the materials available in the bigger cities. I would appreciate any ideas for either Sensory Stim. sessions or materials. Thanks, Salgal
  4. I have 3 LTC Residents who are diagnosed as in a Semi-vegetative state. They range in age from 22 to 56. I am looking for some innovative ideas for Sensory Stimulation. As of now my program includes, aroma therapy, Sound identifiation, Music therapy with light massage, grooming, seasonal sounds and scents, and what I call imagination vacation where I slowly describe a place or theme and take them on a journey in their minds. I have been doing these same programs repeatedly for 8 years. They must be old hat and pretty boring to my residents by now. Does anyone know of an Internet Site with ideas on this topic or have programs that work for you. I'd love to hear from you and thanks!
  5. 4 of us are licensed to drive our bus, the 2 gentlemen in Environmental Services, my assistant and myself. We alternate days, but somehow I end up doing most of the driving. Transporation is VERY limited here and I forsee the necessity of hiring a driver soon as we no longer have outside transportation for Cancer Treament patients or those going to dialysis.
  6. Hi, I need helo with some new and fresh ideas for my low level sensorty stimulation group. I have about 8 programs i have been using over and over and could sure use some new ideas. Thanks, Salgal
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