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  1. We made a game also out of the weather. We had all the patient say what they did on a rainy day and also made a game of finding words of sentences that you can use rain in. Example. It a rainy day in Georgia. When it rain it pours. Singing in the rain. You will be suprise how well this goes over. We would break up in teams and who come up with the most sentences win a prize.
  2. Hello. My Name is Annie. I live in Terrell Texas and have been an activity therapist for over 30 years. I retired from Terrell State Hospital over 7 years ago and decided to go back to work because I love the field so much. It was not the same. New people, different ideas but none good. I decided to go back to school to become a activity director so I can do different things like I use to do before I retired. I realize now why you should never go back. it's not the same.
  3. We alway have a musical game once a week to help the patient think and remember things in the past. We first put put some chairs in a circle and put some age appropriate music on . Then we pass a nerve ball around the room even tossing it to each other. We then stop the music and which patient have the ball have to answer a question about the song being played. we also use this same game with questions about themselves and others questions as well.
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