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  1. Bed Bound residents. I know that visiting helps but it seems I should be doing aprogram of some sort. We just recieved "Never 2 Late" so I am hoping this will help me to do more. Pat
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    We use News Currents as well but we are a large facility and 3 Activity departsment share the cost. I would like to get Sentimental Reflections but those are $110 for quarterly DVDs. They are good though. Creative Forcasting is good. We also subscribe to Creating Together Journal and A New Day. I also get idea from an online site "Those Were the Days". It's one of those this day in history sites, but it gives me ideas for the coming month.
  3. We have two different book clubs. One for those who are able to retain information from week-to-week and one for those who can not. Book suggestions include: Little House on the Prairie Series, "The 5 people you meet in Heaven", and familiar classics like Tome Sawyer are all good. For those who can not retain week to week Paul Harvey's "the Rest of theStory" is familiar and gives you disscussion material.
  4. I used to have the residents help to make the boarders (monthly or sesonal) for the activity boards. I made a template of a wavey pattern that we used to cut out poster board. then we decorated them using any material for the month or seaon. It was never boring to look at the boards when the residents were a part of their making. EG: Apple prints for September, Shell and sea creatures for the Summer...
  5. Minta, You have gotten a lot of good ideas from people. We also like to do spa days (music, lavendar scents, hand lotions...) and to be more stimulating we have done water pistols out doors. In crafts we do a fair number of recylce crafts that they can give to family. The most fun lately is we have been doing our versions of some of the Game Shows, "Wheel of Fortune"," Price is right", Let's make a deal"..... Hope this helps
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