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MEPAP1 FINAL PACKET - special event Easter

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We are beginning to brainstorm for our Easter Egg Hunt. Usually on Holy Thursday; last year didn't go as planned but was a success. I had invited two daycares to come hunt for Easter eggs with the residents. The residents spent two weeks stuffing eggs and helped me hide them around in the common area and around nursing station. I had fliers set up all month for candy and egg donations which worked well. 


The day of the event neither daycares showed and I called no answer so I left to drive by and they were closed. Luckily I found another one across the street who agreed to come. Snacks and goodie bags were provided for the kids and they had a blast with the hunt. It lasted a whole 5 minutes but the residents enjoyed watching the kids.


It wasn't very interactive; kids took a photo with residents but that was about it. I need help with ideas on how to make this hunt more interactive for kids and seniors. 

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We held an Easter Egg hunt 1 year that was between Staff and Residents.  We hid Easter Eggs in the common areas and then a Staff member would need to take 1 resident to find an egg.  Resident and Staff member had to work together and then bring their egg to the front desk together to pick a prize and take a photograph.  From what a remember there were numbers in the eggs, not candy.  Everyone won something small like a chocolate bunny and then some eggs had numbers for bigger prizes, like scratch tickets for staff and I think there was 1 big prize for staff like a gift card.  We laos had a bunch of non-candy stuff like Easter pens and pencils.  It was fun, both Staff and Residents really enjoyed it. 

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Hello I am Amie Wolf. Our facility is about to do our annual Easter egg hunt. We have landscaped and planted flowers so the community can enjoy as well as our residents. We are also staring gardening club with our residents to help take care of our beautiful flower garden!

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Easter is a great time to celebrate. We have lots of springtime celebrations during his weekend. We had our egg hunt, am Easter dance/party and today we are having a drama using staff and residents as well as a traveling actor who comes in special to do these types of events. We are going to video the event as well as pictures so the residents can watch their acting after the fact...

I enjoy this forum and would like to hear more ideas from everyone

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