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  1. Hi everyone! deeices1320...what are time of my life books? I'm guessing they are about residents and their life accomplishments? Just wondering if every resident has the same format, like fill in the blank thing or if they are more individualized. We have made life story books before and individual posters for each resident, it is just very time consuming...just looking for other ideas. Thanks
  2. We held an Easter Egg hunt 1 year that was between Staff and Residents. We hid Easter Eggs in the common areas and then a Staff member would need to take 1 resident to find an egg. Resident and Staff member had to work together and then bring their egg to the front desk together to pick a prize and take a photograph. From what a remember there were numbers in the eggs, not candy. Everyone won something small like a chocolate bunny and then some eggs had numbers for bigger prizes, like scratch tickets for staff and I think there was 1 big prize for staff like a gift card. We laos had a bun
  3. A popular night activity at our facility is Left, Right, Center, or LRC as it is also called. It is a very simple dice game. Not a lot of thinking...residents love it!
  4. Hi Nicole! My name is Jessica and I am from New Hampshire. I am the Assistant Activity Director in a long term care facility. I am currently working on the MEPAP 1 Own Pace course. Nice to meet you
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