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Super Bowl ideas?

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I am at an independent (though I think some of the residents should be in assisted) Anyway Managers say I have to do a super bowl kick off party! Thing is we have no big football people! PLUS it is from 2-4 and no game watching! SO thought some trivia would work.Have photos of NFL logos that match the name to the logo. Any other ideas? Yes we will have the munchies too. But for 2 hours think I will need more! Help!

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I am almost in the same boat! No football people and in independent. But I don't have to do anything-- thank God!

But here are some ideas:

Make table centerpeices with them with football helmets (goodwill, resale shop or staff members kids).

Turn them upside down and fill with cut-out footballs or referee striped shirts (on a stick in styrofoam)

Have a scavenger hunt-- looking for logos, player names (Tom Brady on a name plate on a residents door instead of their real name), Have a staff (or another resident) where a referee shirt, Find a football, whistle, goal post- make out of bendy straws, etc.

Don't focus on the game, but the commercials- find old commercials on youtube and watch them and then talk about what will be coming up.

You could even do a run through of different plays if you have enough people. Each person takes a position and then walks through the play. That might be neat especially if you had men.


Hope some of this helps or sparks other ideas! Let us know how it turns out!


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