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Computer Activities

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Using computers is an excellent way to engage your residents with music, communication, games, and much more.


There is really no need to print out trivia papers or load music cds because it's all available online!


We are always looking for online resources that might be beneficial for activity purposes.


This AARP one is a favorite - AARP Games


Please respond with some fun websites that you are seeing or using in your community.

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You're Right! Computers are an awesome tool for our residents.

I teach them computer classes and this is some that I've done:

1. Beginners,

2. Internet

3. Email

4. Organizing email and address book

5. Power Point presentations

6. Picasa

7. Greeting Cards- Jackie Lawson and making own with Microsoft Word

8. Games

9. Slot Tournaments using a game website

10. Windows Movie Maker

11. iPad classes

  • Also, I use google translate a lot!
  • Pinterest is my new obsession because it gives me great ideas on decorations or craft ideas
  • How's my mom is a neat service
  • NSL is the National Senior League where your residents can play Wii Bowling and compete with other teams around the United States-- We have been part of it for 3 years now and they love it.
  • etsy.com has lots of ideas on it for handmade items
  • I use Publisher to create our newsletters and our fundraising calendar
  • The residents love bigfishgames.com-- they purchase the games themselves
  • Skype is HUGE at our facility-- they love communicating with their grandkids and families through this service
  • Picasa is probably the most used program that we have-- you can organize and edit all of your pictures here.

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