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Hospice Care Plans for Activities


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Hello all,


It has been 3 days since the surveyors have left my facility. I spent some time with the surveyors and we shared some information with each other. In the next few weeks, I will share some of that with you.


Here is the first thing....


We all know that nursing and the Hospice nurses need to have Careplans for the treatment of the resident that is on hospice care. About a year ago, I began writing "I" care plans for my hospice residents as well. Now, with that said...I personally don't like the term "hospice". Traditionally, hospice has been stereotyped as a service for those who are going to immediatly pass. In my years, I have found that this is usually not the case and for most residents, they can be on hospice for quite a while...





The reason that you want to write a careplan for hospice residents is this.


Surveyors have the impression, that hospice residents need more care. Therefore, thier care services will interrupt any activity interventions that you may have. Also, it is believed that hospice residents are lower function, therefore need more activity interventions.



Here is my basic "I" care plan statement for a hospice resident...


"I am currently on hospice care, there is a need to adjust my activity careplan for morning activities due to_______ as I am in a geri chair"


With that said, there may not be any need to adjust any of the residents activities, but the surveyors want to know what you will provide for that resident. I will usually play it safe and explain what adjustments we make.



Hoping you have a great survey!




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