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Care Plan Criticism


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During my travels, soe folks have used the criticism that the "I" Care plan is unfair to residents, because staff are speaking for the resident.


I actually had one person come to me and say that I was lying about the resident and treating her unfairly....


Here is the deal folks....in the traditional careplan, we only focused on the issues that we wanted to fix in a very "sterile" way of speaking.


The "I" careplan does a few things... 1) It focuses on the strengths of the residents 2) It states the strength in a more positive manner 3) It uses a different way of thinking


For example- I enjoy getting up early in the morning and participating in morning/early afternoon activities.


Now, when this person saw that statement, she noted that the resident was not responsive, so I was lying when I said that for her....


Relaize that the statement is the same basic information of the traditional careplan, we just state it from the first person.


So, if anyone gets caught up in the language....point all of this out.

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