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Sample "I" Care plan for the week


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Ok Gang,


This week I will try one for a resident that I just call a safety. They are usually dementia/memory impaired with some type of safety device (AKA- chair alarm or possibly a lap/chair buddy)


Problem- I have safety concerns from past falls and a history of ________, I will need small group and one to one activities such as __________ to make sure I am safe around others.


Goal- I will continue to participate in _________ activities that I prefer in a safe manner for the next _____. Give some examples of your activities.....



Approach- You have some leeway here depending on what activities you provide. I will use a few.....but please remember that memory residents have TONS of different approaches, especially on keeping them safe. For this example, I will use a resident who was a secretary.....worked during the day.....


1) I enjoy staying busy and putting things in thier place, please provide me with activities that keep my fingers busy. ( Filing, folding, general fiddling)


2) I am an early riser and am busy all day, transport and provide 1/1 with _______ to help me get through the day.


3) I sometimes forget that I can fall, seat me near a desk or table and I will do well. ( I actually sit her with me when I chart and give her a file folder with blank forms, articles, etc.)




Ok, my friends.....the floor is open.....





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Good evening Chris! Great Job with the I care plan, I have been using them since last summer. I did not know anything about them and my boss really liked them, especially to the fact that they are person appropiate. I have so many care plan cookbooks and they really help when you get in a pinch. Keep up the good work.


Laurie in Vermont :rolleyes:

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