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I have a beat the winter blues party: all staff and residents dress in blue. we serve blue punch and cake or cookies, all decorations, napkins, balloons cup and dishes are blue. we hire entertainers to play the blues.


we have a pj party each year. all staff wears pj's to work. we tell stories and make smores. have contests for best pjs etc. this year I am going to invite a day care center to join us for a puppet show and invite them to wear their pjs also.

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Hi, Sarah! :-)


For some great National Activity Professionals Week ideas, visit The Activity Director's Office and read the articles from the NAAP, Debbie Hommel, and Sandra Stimson. The last full week of January can be filled with special activities which celebrate National Activity Professionals Week (January 22-27)


Lots of luck!


Linda Lucas, AD ;-)

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I highly reccomend activityconection.com for communities with dementia residents. I have had a membership to the site for sometime now for the puzzles and everyday "fillers" to my program...but I just did my febuary calendar and used their special events and other things...and I did my calendar in half the time. We have an assisted living and an Alzheimers neighborhood, with seperate calendars...so this site is a big help and worth the 14.95 a month.


I have been using all of the online sites such as this one and activityconnection more and more and it really helps when I get a creative block.


Congrats on the new position. I hope you love being an AD as much as I (and I am sure most of us) do. It is a great way to spend the day.



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