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    "The Activity Directors Bible: Policy and Procedure Manual.  2nd Edition"

      Includes MDS 3.0 / UPDATED for November 2018 Changes

    Are you opening a New facility and need to setup an activity program.. this is the book!

       When you first enter the Activity Director department at your facility, what should you see and how should it be setup?

       What are your duties and what are your assistants duties?

       What are the different types of activities?

       How and when should I complete my Assessments on any new residents?  What form do I use?

       How many forms should I keep on hand to show the State Surveyors when they arrive?

       What and how do I do my monthly calendars and newsletters? What about the community bulletin board?

       Do I have all the Material Safety Data Sheets on all the poisonous materials stored in my department?


         From start to finish this book will help you set up your department or make sure that the department you have entered in to or are working in now is doing everything it needs to provide the quality of care that each resident is needing.

         This manual is written in a simple and easy format so that the basics are understood and the State compliance is met. Each section can be edited and each form customized to fit any facility.



    This manual is intended to be utilized by the facility and adapted accordingly.

    This 100 page manual is perfect for the Activity Professional to use as a reference when dealing with internal facility operations.


    Some of the topics covered  include:

    • Job Description / Review

    • Care Planning

    • Assessments

    • Progress Notes

    • MSDS Binder "Material Safety Data Sheets"

    • Guidelines for Resident Council and

    • Quality Assurance

    • Managing the Activity Budget

    • Resident's Rights

    • Use of Volunteers

    • Fundraising

    • Pet Policies and Animal Maintenance

    • One-on-One Planning and Programming

    • Calendar Evaluation and Facility Population Assessment

    • Staff Orientation

    • and Much More...

    Included Activity Department Forms to be incorporated into your activity program:

    • Facility Population Assessment Calculation Forms

    • Resident Initial Activities Assessment Form

    • Facility Population Assessment Levels Form

    • Q&A Tool: Activity Program Review Forms

    • Q&A Tool: Resident Quality Assurance Forms

    • One-on-One Documentation Forms

    • Entertainment List

    • Precautions Record

    • MDS Worksheet

    • PPS Worksheet

    • Resident Council Action Summary Form

    • Resident Council Attendance Form

    • Resident Council Minutes Form

    • Resident Council Authorization to Spend Money Form

    • Consent to Photograph/Publish

    • Monthly Expense Tracking

    • Department Budget Tracking

    • Facility Pet Guideline Procedures

    • Staff In-Services Attendance Record Form

    • Activities Physician's Orders Inquiry/Request Form

    • Extended Participation Summary Form

    • Multi-Departmental Participation Form

    • Activities Progress Note Tickler

    This is the book with the answers for Activity Directors . Written in plain terms, this manual is simple to follow and completely customizable.

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    (Digital Download) The New Behavioral Health Regulations F740-F744, F758 & F659  have become part of the 2018-2019 CMS.gov Survey Process for Skilled Nursing Facilities.

    The regulations are facility wide but the Activity Department is right in the middle of things.

       This Programming Guide, written by  M. Celeste Chase, AC-BC, ACC, CDP, provides a Step by Step approach to help the Activity Professional and Staff to understand the challenges Behavioral Health presents and how to respond with activities that help redirect and reduce disruptive or unwanted behaviors.
    Celeste has deconstructed the most common Behavioral Health issues into a language easy to understand, triggers, strategies, engagement, adaptations, interventions, samples and goals. This Programming Guide will help you and your facility become Behavioral Health Compliant with minimal stress.

    Behavioral Health - Behavioral health encompasses a resident’s whole emotional and mental well-being, which include, but is not limited to the prevention and treatment of mental and substance use disorders.
    Not surprisingly, federal agencies such as the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) support behavioral health and psychiatric well-being for individuals in senior care facilities. Specifically, the concern centers on the over-reliance of antipsychotic medication use for residents with disruptive behaviors. Unwanted behaviors must first be treated through behavioral interventions before psychoactive medications can be administered.

    (Digital Download) - Download link will be emailed to you and stored in your Purchases Control Panel immediately upon payment.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ sample ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    :::::: Behavior Management mandates requires:

    §      Possess appropriate competencies and skill sets to care for residents diagnosed with mental and psychosocial disorders as well as those with a history of trauma and/or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
    §      Provide treatment and services to correct the assessed problem or to attain the highest practicable mental and psychosocial well being for residents that display/diagnosed with;

    •     mental disorder
    •     psychosocial adjustment difficulty         
    •     history of trauma or post-traumatic          
    •     stress disorder (PTSD)

    §      Monitor for patterns of behavior difficulties not previously diagnosed, assessed or revealed that decreases social interaction and/or increases withdrawn, angry, or depressive behaviors- unless the clinical condition demonstrates that development of such a pattern was unavoidable.
    §      Provide a resident who displays or is diagnosed with dementia with appropriate treatment and services to attain or maintain his or her highest practicable physical, mental, and psychosocial well-being.
    §      Provide medically related social services to attain or maintain his or her highest practicable physical, mental, and psychosocial well-being.

    NOTE:  When unwanted behavior is not pervasive and moves from isolated incidents to frequent occurrences, the repetitive behavior may have developed into an ingrained “coping pattern”. Interventions will need to be consistently applied by developing a “behavior management plan” that is supported by ALL staff members to achieve appropriate behavior modification and significantly reduce the unwanted behavior. [It can take up to two weeks or more when the behavior is worse before it improves. The resident may struggle to hold onto what they know before he/she learns to adapt to new behavior].

    SamplesResourcesBehavioral Samples2019-04-18_2044.png

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    Today, more than ever, you are required to use a quality assurance program as a key part of your job. But how do you make one work for you?

    This book gives you the information you need to develop and run a meaningful quality assurance program that will pass standards. The material presented is down to earth and practical.

    It was written by two therapists who are well recognized as experts in the field. This book is appropriate for any setting where activities are part of your assignment.

    Trade Paper, Reproducible Forms, 110 pages
        Published by Idyll Arbor
        Publication date: 1996
        ISBN: 9781882883233
        Available as an e-book on Smashwords
        e-ISBN 9781611580020

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    An Insider's Guide to Effective Staff Motivation Programs

    Great ideas to motivate and energize your staff. Does your staff need an attitude adjustment? Your facility should be a thriving enjoyable workplace but that does not happen by chance. Implementing these motivating activities, contests, parties/events, programs, and holiday-themed activities will brighten the daily work schedule of all employees in all departments. Some events can be shared with the residents for better morale throughout the facility.

    Scavenger hunts, paycheck thank you’s, and “The Grand Scrapbook” are just a few of the motivating activities to get you started. There are 18 suggestions for special events and parties. Sixteen different contests and 26 programs will give you lots of ideas for fun throughout the year. And there are great holiday ideas for every month of the year.

    Don’t let the activity department have all of the fun! Join in and show how much you appreciate and respect the job your staff is doing.

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    Activity Care Plans For Long Term Care Facilities   Product Code: 2106PP
    By: Pamela Sander, T.R.S.
    This handbook is especially developed to assist activity directors write care plans for the most common conditions.
    • Long-term goals and approaches specific to Alzheimer's
    • Arthritis
    • Bedfast Residents
    • Stroke
    • Diabetes
    • Multiple Sclerosis
    • Parkinson's
      ...and many more.
      There is also a new chapter on closed-head injuries and a cross index and glossary are included for quick and easy reference.
      212 pages.
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    History At A Glance
    By: Jim Brennan
    This book covers the period from 1829 to 1990--more than 160 years.
    Many older residents still recall hearing stories from their parents and grandparents about experiences and life in the 1800's and 1900's. Such historical events are very much a part of their early memories. The material was designed to serve as a memory stimulator to help keep the mind alert by recalling past events and experiences.
    153 pages.

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    Vol. I - Recreational Activities for More Successful Programing
    By: Jacquelyn Vaughan-Williams, Ph.D.,TRS/TXC, CTRS, CLP and Pam Sander, TRS/TSC
    This book is designed for activity directors and recreation program leaders working with any population, in any setting.
    Every activity is tried and true and has been organized to correlate with MDS v2.0.
    The term user friendly is very apropo as each activity details the equipment required, environment, and number of participants.
    There are objectives and values listed, leadership hints, safety concerns, and most importantly, detailed game directions and procedures.
    Activity categories include Creative, Mental, Social, Physical, and Emotional.
    The authors’ desire is to help the activity director to enhance the existing programs by using new and different ideas while building on proven old ones.
    201 pages
    Also see 2105PP - Volume II
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    Volume II - Recreational Activities for more Successful Programing
    By: Jacquelyn Vaughan-Williams, Ph.D., TRS/TXC, CTRS, CLP and Pam Sander, TRS/TSC
    Well-known authors and activity professionals, Pam Sander and Jackie Vaughan have combined their talents and experience to put together two volumes of wonderful activities for working with all ages but especially the elderly in long-term care. Like Volume I, Volume II is categorized according to MDS v2.0
    Featured Activities include: games, crafts, cards, arts, talking/conversing, gardening, exercise, sports.. and many more.
    Each Activity is Detailed by:
    • equipment
    • number of participants
    • directions
    • leadership hints
      Plus all the extra added bits of information necessary for success.
      201 pages
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    This is a nostalgic book that contains fill in the blank ONE word answers that bring you back to your childhood. One word leads you to a myriad of feelings and sensations and conversation.

    Mothballs In My Attic is a resource tool used by activity planners in the medical field as well as caregivers for dementia patients. The book can be used for both individual or group sessions and is a wonderful memory jogger. There are 12 chapters and over 220 fill in the blank with ONE word questions that stimulate conversation and reminiscing.

    Mothballs in My Attic (MIMA- 'my-mah’) uses one word from your past to trigger a familiar thought, smell, or visual sensation that brings in a flood of surrounding memories. . . suddenly, you are having a MIMA moment!


    The sisters, Cindy and Barbara, invite you to journey with them to the past without losing precious moments in the present. They have a passion to help you remember the pleasant things as well as major turning points that we have all experienced growing up. They will prompt you to journey back to the mothballs in your attic!
    How it Works:
    Simple questions are answered by you about your childhood or growing up times. You answer with one word to complete the sentence, and then it happens: the MIMA Moment!
    My childhood kitchen table
    shape was________________.


    When you answer the question with one word, your mind then goes back to your childhood home and fills in the rest of the story: where you sat at the table, what time you ate dinner every night, what placemats, plates, drinking glasses were used, and so on. The process of a one-word answer brings the experience of the entire scenario. Suddenly, you are transformed to that time, and instantly, you have experienced a MIMA Moment. The inevitable smile is unavoidable. 
    Take your time; it's a memory extravaganza. It's not to be rushed but rather enjoyed. Take the trip; it only costs a thought to purchase a MIMA moment. It's worth the investment!


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    The Professional Activity Manager and Consultant
    Anne D’Antonio-Nocera, Nancy DeBolt, and Nadine Touhey, Editors

    • Trade Paper, Reproducible Forms, 452 pages
    • Published by Idyll Arbor
    • Publication date: 1996
    • ISBN: 9781882883240

    This is the reference book that every manager or consultant needs to have! Whether you are a recreational therapist, activity professional, occupational therapist, or other type of therapist, this book provides you with hands-on instruction to excel at your job as a manager or consultant.

    The forty-two chapters are divided into ten sections:

    • Introduction to Management and Consulting
    • Competency and Ethical Issues
    • Regulatory Issues
    • The Facility
    • Staffing
    • Adult Learning
    • Evaluation
    • Overview of Consulting
    • Consulting Techniques
    • Managing a Consulting Business

    The book contains many ready-made forms, checklists for quality assurance, and other easy-to-read quick reference sections to help you locate the information you need quickly.

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    It's Time for Laughter

    By: Anita Galli

    Laughter is the best medicine certainly describes this delightful new book.
    There are short stories and funny anecdotes that will be great for ice-breakers, newsletters, posters, greeting cards, and lots of games.

     Begin an afternoon activity using “How to Tell You’re Getting Old…” or “Do You Remember….” All through the book are “Ever Wonder Why” phrases like Ever Wonder Why: A wise man and a wise guy are opposites?”   Your residents need to laugh and enjoy life and you can help accomplish that with the great new book.

    35 pages

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