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    You have a winning combination when you mix the fun game of Bingo with music.

    Christmas Sing-Along Bingo Game features:

        A compact disk with 30-35 second excerpts of 54 holiday favorites, specially selected to be easily recognized.
        24 different 8-1/2” by 11” bingo game cards, with 16 large-print song titles on each card. Also available is an additional set of 12 completely different cards
        2 Laminated lists of the 54 songs on the CD for rapid check-off when a song has been played
        One dry-erase pen for marking the laminated song list
        Game instructions and adaptations


    Christmas Sing-Along Bingo is played like Bingo, except the cards have names of holiday songs in the squares of the special cards that are supplied.

        Play part of a song on the CD, and everyone sings along.
        If the players find the song on the card, they put a chip on the square.
        When someone fills in the squares for the game you are playing, they yell out “BINGO”.
        Verify the songs and after each game someone wins a prize.
        There can be more than one winner per game.

    Around 4 or 5 games can be played in an hour or so. Several different games have been suggested in the game instructions to make it more fun.

    Comes with 24 game cards.

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