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  1. If you have an activity room with square tiles these can serve as your race track. We ordered large foam dice. We had someone cut out 6 wooden horse shapes and paint them, each with a number from 1-6. Residents roll the dice and we move the horse whose number is on the dice one space. We also recently acquired some stick horses with plush heads that make horse sounds when you push their ears. We have given them to the residents and made them the jockeys. When they roll the dice they move instead of moving the wooden horse. Residents really enjoy this one. You can also get a spinner, putting t
  2. How bout an Easter Parade just prior to the egg hunt? We have done this which allows the residents to be doing something while the eggs are being hid. In the past we have had an Easter Bonnet parade. Residents decorate hats a few days prior to the parade and then get to show off some with prizes given to the best, funniest, wildest etc. Also get the staff involved with making an easter "float" by decorating shoe boxes which the residents can carry...these to can be judged for most original, prettiest,etc. Good Luck
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