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  1. congrats on your new job...try some evening time yoga(resident style)in wheelchairs and just some calm stretches with the aroma of lavender and soothing music...
  2. Hello,have you ever tried showing them a box that i would call a sensation box?for example in a box could be textured objects such as cotton,treebark,silk,satin.or a variety of smells i use candles ,one of my favorite is my fruit basket an apple,banana,grapes,a candle that smells fruit and a cherry dum dum for taste(the fruit is plastic)..another fun thing that i present my residents with is a box filled with rice and sand they dig in the box and find things that i have hidden in it(this could be anything )when they pull out the object have them identify it...an example key chain, a bingo chip, a door hook, a super ball,and such..have fun.
  3. maybe you could use her to help you transfer residents to and from the dining room,activites or therapy.?seems to work for me...let me know if this was helpful.
  4. Hello,my name is Trisha Severino ,i have a few ideas...one is make a jewelry box with old jewelry in it in..such as pins,earings,neclaces ring.(kind of make it the old and gaudy kind...really gets the attention of the resident...another is pictures of every day things ,for example snow,water ,trees,birds,cars,boats,and so on...hope this helped..
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