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  1. Hello, My name is Laciana E. Moreland and I work at Genesis HCC at Marcella Center. I work with these kinds of residents all of the time. What I would suggest is to create a personal activities box which consist of all the likes of this particular resident. For example, if she likes baking, get a box or container and put in all the items that would pertain to baking. Put in sensory stimulation items that are safe such as pumpkin pie, pie pans, wooden spoons, and cinnamon. Please make sure you select items that are safe if resident consumes them. If you have any additional questions, please
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    Hello, My name is Laciana and I work at Genesis Healthcare @ Marcella Center. The Wii Game has been donated to us by the Jewish Foundation and I use it daily with the high functioning dementia patients. They especially love the Wii sports disc. It consist of the bowling, tennis, and baseball. Those particular games are more easier for the patients. I would love to give you more additional information on how to get a Wii game console with the software for free. Please feel free to contact me at 609-747-8904 or Laciana.Moreland@genesishcc.com
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