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  1. I am an Activity Director and Social Service Director for a 56 bed SNF. I am currently in need of Full-Time Activity Assistant. The job pays well for this area. If you are interest in more details, reply back to NEOMETH187. Hope to hear from you all! -Tom
  2. I had this problem when the Surveyors came to our facility. I had to amend our regular COMPANY Forms! What I did was find an Activity Notes Form, or you can make one on a spreadsheet. All you need to do is make Columns that are labeled: DATE and then NOTES. Obviously, the Date is small section and the Notes are the majority section to the left. All you need to do is describe how the resident participated in the activity. It requires more than the responses that are on the COMPANY Forms. Use your own personal thoughts, reactions, observations. This should reflect the Care-Plan intentions or goals, but not necessarily. Any type of documentation that you use the describes the emotional, psychological, or physiological reactions of residences participation in activities are not only beneficial to the residents, but are documentation. REMEMBER: : If you did not doucment it, it did not happen!" -TOM A.K.A Neometh187
  3. Hey there, I am a guy, and you got to love this work. It is very fun and rewarding. It gives you a chance to enjoy working with others, enjoy working with individuals who have many interesting and exciting things we can learn from. Activity Director is not a job for females. All it take is a good person with a good heart. EMS is great. You have the people skills already! -Tom A.K.A. Neometh187
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