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  1. Anyone have any suggestions for celebrating fourth of July. Fireworks are too late for my seniors.
  2. Does anyone have any ideas for Easter? We cannot host a brunch or anything food-related, as we are short-handed in the kitchen. Also, Easter-egg hunt probably would not work, as few strong residents would dominate that activity. I am trying to find group to sing, but on holiday might be difficult. Those are the negatives. I'm sure all you out there have lots of positives. Can't wait to see them. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for the advice. Nice to be able to tell someone and have someone listen. Much appreciated!!
  4. While most residents are very appreciative and kind, some are very demanding and critical (One woman can walk fine but demands help getting on the bus at the same time I am getting a 93-year-old wheel-chair-bound woman onto the bus ramp and out of the rain. She also yelled at me for missing a spot on her nail during a manicure.) I feel guilty for standing up to her because she has had a lot of loss in her life. Any suggestions?
  5. I have trouble enjoying time with talkative residents who show up at my office during non-activity times. They will spend hours talking if I let them. Bottom line: Residents are the priority. Reality: I have to have time to plan, schedule, organize. Any suggestions?
  6. we are having a new year's eve. party. we are holding it at noon so all residents will be in dining hall for lunch/the event. cook is preparing a "savory buffet" with bbq meatballs, cheeses .... finger foods, desserts. we are serving sparkling cider in flute glasses. we will have music from the 50s. tables will have colorful tablecloths (dollar store) decorated with confettil. centerpieces will be party hats and horns. we will hang sheets of tulle holding balloons above the residents. at 1 p.m. it will be midnight somewhere in the world (we will find out where). that is when we will drop balloons and residents will blow horns and say happy new year. throughout the lunch we will run a powerpoint photo presentation with at least one photo of every resident - a year in review. hope this helps give you some ideas.
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