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  1. Hi-What I do for bingo prizes is to mainly give out chips, candy, etc. Small prizes from Walmart or the Dollar store are mixed in. Since mostly women play bingo, I add yarn, small photo albums, nail polish, hair clips. I just recently implemented Super Bingo once a month. We play 15 games and give out bigger prizes like sewing kits, magnifying glasses, t shirts. this is going to cut down on the daily bingo prize budget since now with the Super game, I am going to just have the chips and candy during the week.
  2. We have evening activies 2x weekly. I usually schedule evening bingo or movie night. Sometimes I do puzzles where I keep the solution and hand out the puzzles for the residents to keep and work on overnight. Those who solve the puzzles, get a treat. They look forward to my visit the next day with the correct solution. Another idea is an after supper sing-a-long.
  3. Hi, Make her an honorary member of the Activity Department. Give her a name tag and ask her to help with activities. Tell her you need someone to keep an eye on things and have her "assist" with activities. Maybe she could decide what to play for a special movie night, or pick out some games to try. Ask her opinion when making the newsletter or calendar.
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