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  1. thanks for the suggestion, but I still have to do three activities for each resident. One for Alzhiemer, in-house, and high function. I thought of Bowl me over for the Alzhiemer residents. I guess its just getting things together. I am new at this and never worked in assisted living, nursing homes etc before. I only got in this to learn about the activities to do for residents when I visit them. Patricia
  2. Hi, I am new at this. I am in an Activity Director's class and I need three (3) activities. These activities must be about Academy Awards. Do anyone know where I can find these activities in academy awards to do my project. Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Patricia
  3. Hello, I am new at this. But I am looking for ideas for my project. I need 3 activities for High Function, Alzheimers, and In-room activity on Academy Awards. Can anyone help me. Patricia
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