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  1. be careful of this time....I think there is something called Sundowner's ? syndrome,,,Want to keep a positive flow at this time for a easy transition into bedtime for the carestaff, if it's a nursing home. Also, peoples' thoughts turn towards home (or their former home) as the sun goes down. fight Depression. I think assisted livings enjoy a walk outside around the campus?
  2. ARE YOU SERIOUS? whoever this is, I would be scared to hire you. call an ombudsman when there is abuse taking place or mismanagement of funds or tying a resident down without documentation. drugging a resident without their consent...these are reasons to call an ombudsman. We need to learn how to communicate in front of eachother and not "snitching" on eachother. We are in the same industry and if we're careful and don't screw up. there is enough work for everybody. Stop watching tv and let's spend our time learning better skills, for a time. watching tv can make you jealous of people and angry. Your ED would love to know you tell on him without having the guts to address him/her or his/her staff that are put in place for you to communicate with and to KEEP TRYING. and leave your work at work, unless you're like us.
  3. I must say that activities is an integral part of any successful home/facility. In some facilities, it is the obligation of the caregiver/cna/caremanager to make sure that a resident is toilet a certain number of times a day......IF it is written in the care plan. The duty of the caregiver/cna/caremanager is to follow what is written down. Maybe it may help, to read through the residents care-plan so that you know what issues a resident is dealing with. This may help to understand why a resident must be taken out of an activity. A smart activity director will work with the nursing/caregivers/cna's because as we all know, if activities aren't happening the way the RESIDENTS want, then census will really, really go down. But, you do an awesome job and thank you for working with the Elderly. Things are getting better even though it may not seem like it.
  4. To Everyone, Thank you for the support I have received on my other site. I have been so busy and wish great patience and joy to all us who work with seniors. I see a chance to improve the communication gap that is going on between the activiy dept and the nursing dept. In my eyes, I believe, "IF it is not written down, it never happened", what does the chart say? Maybe this is a chance for the activities dept to include some "therapy" type activities to show the nursing dept that we are willing to assist our residents in maintaining their strength of both mind AND spirit. An example of a beneficial activity to both depts could be- I.E., following weight bearing excercises that are posted on our residents rooms (from the therapist) that take time, our time, to assist the residents in completing those prescribed exercises. Please have the patience with both depts., it is not either partys' fault that we are overworked and underpaid and this doesn't have anything to do with a "Depression"
  5. Does any one know a place that needs a volunteer this Halloween in Denver? I would enjoy helping out a facility somewhere. I guess I could start at my Great Grandmas. It just seems different for me when it's my family versus going for business. Sometimes it seems I can be more valuable to a stranger,,,,,I'll dress as a??? enjoy today! www.verycare.9f.com
  6. It depends. Since it is on a friday this year, you can either do it on the Saturday before, during the day works well. Doing it on halloween, is kinda too much, if you're already having an activity for the seniors cuz they come first in most facilities-you know-paying customers.
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