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  1. Low level activities: Folding napkins dish towels, or try helping them paint finger paints are great for Alz, residents, music therapy,
  2. Hello I work for a assisted and retirement facility and we find music very enjoyable to all , I find that after many times a entertainer comes back into the facility that the residents feel as if they know them and welcome them with open arms , its a strange thing, but a Know they love all kinds of music Good Luck Lori DiTucci
  3. Hi Karen I think this is a great web site!! I love all it has to offer. Lori DiTucci
  4. Hello, Try Movies and popcorn, card games residents can do with out you.Art classes, story telling, week end movie reviews. church services on Sundays, Lunch dates with families,
  5. try to have them residents enntertain themselves.. Ie card games puzzles,, dominos reading etc
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