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  1. Hello, Welcome to our world...where with the little resources, we become the nurse, social worker, chaplain, friend, and advocate for our residents. We all want to run our department as best as we possibly can. Unfortunately, it does take team work. Maybe just maybe the other departments can help? Afterall, the Activity Department is where the other workers come too when they need help with a resident. You should be honest with your Administrator...and also the other disciplinary team. With the new f-tags....other departments should take on responsibilities too. Getting reliable volunteers is a good idea, but good volunteers are very hard to come by in this day and age. There is no "I" in the word, TEAM. It takes does team work . Another idea is to start educating your co workers in the responsibilities of keeping your residents busy too. It is as much their responsibility as it is yours. Compromising takes time and efforts, all worth while when survey time comes around. Aloha, Kanela
  2. Hello Everyone.... Nice to meet you all, also nice to know that no matter where we work....we all face the same problems. At this time of my life I am unemployed, due to a move from one State to another. I am having a difficult time. First I moved from the north..to the south. Pay wages I found out are not the same, regardless of one's qualification. I am nationally certified as an ADC. I was offered a job which paid $9.00 an hour as an Activity Director, in Bossier City, Louisiana. In North Dakota I was being paid $13.35 per hour...may be low to some of you but that is the facts of life. I do prefer the $13.35 in comparison to $9.00. Having 13 years experience and tons of CEU's, I want to be paid my worth. I love working with the elderly....my calling in life. For now because I am not working....if there is any of you out there that needs help in any assignments...or ideas...or rules and regulations. I am willing to help as much as I can. I figured that is the least I can do for those in our profession. God Bless you all for the work that you do...that goes unnoticed daily...... my email addy is: smsilvis@msn.com Looking forward in hearing from some of you. Sincerely, Sandra Silvis, ADC
  3. Hello Gwendolyn, I am always willing to help another Activity Sister. I am nationally certified and have been in long term care for 13 years. I worked myself from an Activity Asst. to an Activity Director. I have taken both MEPAP courses. If you need any kind of help....I am here...my email addy is....smsilvis@msn.com. I will try to help you anyway I can. Sincerely, Sandra Silvis, ADC
  4. Hello Sonia, Documentation of activities that one has attended is done on a daily basis. Exactly what kind of documentation are you talking about? Documentations on behavior if a resident should have one during an activity, is also documentated on a daily basis. Documentation is very important for MDS purposes, facility purpose and employee purpose. If you have any specifics that you are confused about, we will try to help you anyway we are able too. Sincerely, Kanela, ADC
  5. Hello Everyone, I am new to this forum. I am formerly from Hawaii, now living in North Dakota. I will be moving to Bossier City, Louisiana the ending part of July 2007. I am currently looking for employment in that area and having a difficult time finding a web site that would lead me to employment. I have 12 years experience in Long Term Care. And an Activity Director for the last 7 years. I am also very curios about your State's regulations when hiring an Activity Professional. I would really appreciate your help and input. Aloha, Kanela
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