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  1. Does any one have a the role of the councle president? Mine thinks she works for me and that causes alot of prolbems at times. She will tell me [Every one is coming to me and complaing about one thing or another] I will get said residents together to talk about it and they always say they never said any such thing. I do beleive some times they do but I'm sure no one goes to her she goes to them and tells them about some think she does not like and gets every one all upset Does any one have any answers ? Thanks Mary
  2. Hi T I know how hard it must have been to leave your residents but' some tines it really is the only thing you can do. Good luck Mary
  3. mguise

    chat room

    Does any one ever use the chat room I have been on many times and no one is everthere
  4. Hi baact I just e-mailed you with my work e-mail Mary
  5. Cathy good luck on your new job I;M sure you will do just find always remember why you got into this feild. When I took my job as AD for the first time I was really scared that was 15 months ago Now my residents love me and I them all will work out Mary
  6. mguise


    Hi A Sandlin I wish I could help you we don"t do that at our facility I hope you do well Good luck Mary
  7. Hi where do I find the calendar swap I would love to share and get new ideas Thanks Mary
  8. yea I would also like a copy of that form thanks Mary email-mguise@in2l.com
  9. Hi Michelle No real policy but we wash them once a month and have the residents rebag them in either 25-50 or 75 chips. The alert one really like to do this they fell like they are helping hope this helps Mary
  10. Dear Debra Thanks that is a good idea about the residents helping out. I was going to have some of the ladoes help cook them already but I was not thinking they would help with the sale. I too am from N.C. Thanks again Mary
  11. Diana Thanks for your advice. I already told my boss 5 days a week would be impossible but I have to do it. I will do the best I can. Thanks again Mary
  12. I need some help my boss wants me to start selling cookies you have to bake I only have one part time worker and she wants the cookies sold 5 days a week I tried to tell her the down side to it. I reely dont have time to do another thing but she feels I'm being negative about the whole thing I feel I'm just being realistic. Does any one have any ideas!!!! thanks Mary :
  13. Hi Linda I to had a bad director She always thought I wanted her job{I do not work in the same place I was the asistant director} I was very scared I would not be able to do everything I had to.I now work in a smaller facility only 98 bads. I have 1 part time assistant so I am still doing activity a few days a week and that is what I love. Good luck and if you need some help e-mail me Mary
  14. Hi Linda My name is Mary. I been an activity director only 10 monthe now but was the assistant director for 6 years. Good luck in your new job.Pennie is right about not taking work home it"s hard to stop that once you do. Enjoy your new job. Mary
  15. I would to have my residents get e-mail We have the new IN2L computer and I have several residents with e-mail addresses Please e-mail me Mary
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