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  1. I think it is great that you are having fun. Who better to have fun with, than a group of activity directors anyway. Hopefully are being silly, compassionate, and caring is the reason we will do well at our jobs. If we can't have fun with each other, how can we be fun for our residents. Keep up the good work, and always have fun. I am a Leo.
  2. I need some help with fund raising ideas.
  3. Ok, I need some help here!! I was an AD at a 120-bed facility where I was so busy that I worked 80-90 hours a week sometimes just to get everything done. I had all different types of residents. But, I have started at a new place with only 6 residents, which I love dearly, but I am having a REALLY tough time trying to find activities that suit them. All 6 are bound to their rooms. In the 3 months I have been here, I have had a group activity where they all come to the Activity Room and have dinner (Easter), Tea and dessert (Mother's Day), and I include decorations and entertainment. Howev
  4. :-D I read your article about 1:1 acts. for residents who are tube fed. You could talk to your DON, and your speech therapist, and ask if it would be okay to rub a sucker, or life saver candy on their lips, or tongue. You can also use baby food fruits, and q-tips. Be sure to ask if it is safe, and take the speech therapist with you the first time, to show you the best way. This is great sensory stimulation. For example: Play the song I found my thrill on blueberry hill, and use blueberry babyfood, or sucker, and you could take a blue silky scarf. This can be fun, especially when residents who
  5. :-D There is going to be a seminar on activities and adaptations for special needs residents. When: September 29, 2006, Begins at 8:30 am. ::sign in by 8:15 am:: Where: Clarion Hotel & Suites, at 5075 Interstate 55 in Jackson, Mississippi. 601-366-9411 Contact: Tonia Hooker at 423-476-4004 This will be an 8 hour workshop, and will teach how to assess, plan, and adapt activities for hard to plan for special needs residents. This is going to be a hands on workshop. You will be doing the activities, seeing the new equipment available for our profession, and getting new ideas. The acti
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