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  1. I recently attended a workshop on documenting where all the documentation was done with Palm Pilots. Have any of you had the opportunity to work with Palms? What are the pro's and con's to using them? Any insight would be appreciated...thanks!
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    We have cats, birds, and dogs at our home. We actually do an "interview process" for each pet we consider adopting. The interview process consists of a 30 day trial where the pet lives in the nursing home. During that time we monitor to see how the pet reacts to the sounds, smells, activities, etc of the nursing home. We will try things such as petting the dog the wrong direction etc to see how they respond. If everything goes well, they move in...if not we give back to the donor. We let the donor know in advance that there is a 30 trial.
  3. I work in an Eden registered SNF in North Dakota and make a little over $17/hour as a Recreation Director. I am CTRS certified.
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