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  1. This is a wonderful idea I think our residents would enjoy it exspecially the ladies
  2. I don't think a strip club outing would look good for you or the facility. Maybe try forming a bowling league and take them to the local bowling ring on bowlers night.
  3. Thanks for the information this will come in handy for our facility. I think our residents would enjoy the activity
  4. Jewels

    Rock a thon

    It would be fun to have various volunteers come and preform durring the event to keep you entertained
  5. Hi, I'm jewels I'm new to postings, I have a question about documenting in careplan & progress notes. Do you have to state how many times a week a resident will attend activities or when AD does 1:1s, as long as it's documented in activity log book or 1:1 log book ?
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